Our Why


Most companies spend time speaking about the how and what they do, but oftentimes little thought is spent uncovering why the organization does what it does. Simon Sinek is a great organizational leadership speaker and has transformed countless companies simply by asking, “What’s your why”?

At Vidado, our Why is simple:

We build great AI because we believe our intelligent automation helps enterprise customers achieve extraordinary success.

Because we start with Why, we tend to view extraordinary success a little differently. While it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing your product and your customer’s needs overlap completely, that’s not always the case. In these situations we go above and beyond to deliver the customer’s vision for their organization. This has ranged from helping drive a new intelligent automation initiative to figuring out how to transform 100M pages for a data analytics project to redefining a mailroom workflow that processes 50M pages a year and to helping extend an RPA solution. We work with our customers daily, sometimes hourly, to deliver on their perfect vision for intelligent automation. Unsurprisingly, extraordinary success frequently follows.

A bold Why needs to be backed up with an equally impressive How. In our case it’s unparalleled AI working off a dataset of over 1 billion human-validated fields. By approaching the problem using machine learning, Vidado is able to account for all of the quirks of modern documents since it’s seen and digested millions of low-resolution faxes, skewed scans, and messy handwritten documents. Despite the availability of OCR technologies for over 30 years, no solution has been able to capture data as it exists in the real world, without compromise.

We look forward to working with your team and understanding how our intelligent automation can help your organization achieve the success you are looking for.

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