FEC Cuts Turnaround Time for Election Filings by Over 90 Percent: Case Study

Vidado’s technology has allowed the FEC to cut turnaround time by over 90 percent, eliminate the manual data processing of thousands of pages monthly, and increase the number of digitized pages per month. By working with Vidado, the turnaround time for digitization was shortened from months to a matter of days – all while digitizing data that has the ability to change election outcomes.

The Federal Election Commission’s (FEC) partnership with Vidado began in 2014 when they were looking to leverage the power of automated data capture and transformation in the cloud to ultimately significantly decrease the number of hours spent manually processing detailed election filing data; a process that had long been paper-heavy. The problem was that the FEC needed to speed up turnaround times to digitize critical funding data, increase efficiency, and needed a scalable solution that could meet the ups and downs of annual elections.

“The FEC’s business leadership is very proactive,” said Brian Busch, director of business development at Vidado. “They reached out to all kinds of technology vendors, including smaller and non-traditional vendors for the right solution. We are so proud to have been chosen to contribute to this essential aspect of American democracy.”

With Vidado’s cloud-native Data-as-a-Service platform, the FEC is able to upload scanned filing reports into designated folders securely hosted in the cloud via Amazon S3. The images are then automatically extracted from each folder and uploaded to Vidado. Deep learning algorithms sort and capture the data from all of the documents quickly, securely and with 99.9 percent accuracy.

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