Handwriting OCR Software – Why Vidado Offers So Much More

Update: Since this post, Vidado has recently launched the READ engine, an enterprise-level AI solution that extracts and enhances data from any customer channel—even handwritten documents—with powerful throughput, speed, and accuracy that surpasses humans. For more information, visit: https://captricity.com/blog/artificial-intelligence-is-ready-to-make-data-automation-more-efficient/

Vidado is often compared to handwriting recognition software (or handwriting OCR software), and while we do offer some of the benefits of this technology, we also offer much more. In this post, I’ll describe how Vidado’s combination of human intelligence and advanced computer algorithms is unique, setting our technology apart from standard handwriting recognition OCR software.

This page describes more about how Vidado works, and this video shows it in action. For the purpose of this post, all you really need to know is that Vidado’s core functionality is this: It extracts chunks of information, even handwritten information, from a paper document and enters that information as digital data in a spreadsheet or data file. So you upload a couple hundred of, let’s say, registration form scans, and Vidado will give you back a spreadsheet and data file, or even spit the data straight into your CRM or database through our API. In the short while between the time you upload the scans and get your data back, Vidado has computer algorithms and real human workers cranking on the data. This use of both computer and human intelligence to create structured, digital data from handwritten paper forms is what sets Vidado apart from straight OCR. How? Well…

Vidado is more accurate than OCR, particularly for handwriting

Nothing beats human intelligence for truly understanding whether that sloppily-scrawled vowel is an “o” or an “a.” There is no OCR out there yet that can accurately read handwriting from a large number of individuals all at once. That level of processing and comprehension still takes human beings. Vidado employs all the highest standards in ensuring high-quality data, providing human-quality, even double-key-entry accuracy.

Vidado gives you structured, machine-readable data

Vidado doesn’t just turn handwritten (or typed) text into digital text; instead it turns paper forms into entire structured, digital, useable data sets. While straight OCR might take your pages and give you back the same pages, just digital, Vidado extracts all the names from each page and puts them into one column of a spreadsheet, then does the same with dates, email addresses, etc. With a click of a button this data can be analyzed in Excel, inputted into your CRM, or uploaded directly to a database.

Vidado is cloud-based

There is no software to download, no large contracts to sign.

Most software solutions out there require complicated downloads, expensive licenses, and often special scanners or other (expensive) hardware associated. Vidado, however, is entirely web-based: create an account in 15 seconds and you’re ready to get started. There is no software to download, and Vidado works with images of forms captured with any scanner, digital camera, or even camera phone. Our standard per-page pricing means that you can also use the service for as few or as many documents as you’d like without signing constrictive contracts. Sign up and within a couple of minutes you’re ready to get started. It’s as simple as that.

All that said, there are certain benefits to OCR, all of which Vidado maintains through its use of advanced computer algorithms:

Low Cost

By using computer algorithms for part of the work, Vidado can more efficiently use paid worker time, giving high quality results at a fraction of the cost that manual entry of similar quality would cost. What’s more, you pay only for what you use.

Fast Turnaround

Again thanks to Vidado’s algorithms and elastic pool of workers, we can get thousands of pages of data entered in well under one day, with a dozen pages often taking less than an hour.

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About Vidado

Vidado’s READ engine is an enterprise-level AI solution extracts and enhances data from any customer channel—even handwritten documents—with powerful throughput, speed, and accuracy that surpasses humans. Reimagine your paper-to-digital process with a solution is fast, scalable, affordable and accurate.  Vidado is used by eight of the top ten U.S. insurance companies to transform their paper-to-digital process to make paper move at the speed of digital.

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