Vidado helps state and local governments test for COVID-19

By now, we’re all familiar with the challenges facing our medical professionals in regard to COVID-19 testing. There are challenges with obtaining tests, administering them efficiently, getting the results in a timely manner, and utilizing the results effectively. However, one of the biggest challenges that our healthcare professionals are facing that isn’t getting talked about is the paperwork challenge.

While the fluid sample tests are vital for establishing whether or not a person has the COVID-19 virus, adding context and medical history to help our epidemiologists understand and slow the spread is even more vital. This context is captured primarily through paper forms containing handwriting, like the CDC’s Case Report Form and other forms created by state and local governments.

That’s where Vidado comes in. We’re helping state and local governments by capturing this data from forms with better-than-human speed and accuracy.

The CDC's Person Under Investigation Form

The CDC’s Person Under Investigation Form

Vidado excels at capturing data from forms like the CDC example you see above. Many of the data collected are represented as checkboxes and short fields containing handwriting – data that Vidado consistently transcribes at 98%+ accuracy.

By extracting this data Vidado is relieving the burden on medical professionals of manually entering this data and giving them more time to prevent the spread and save lives. Here’s how it works:

  • Vidado users upload filled-out scans, faxes, and email versions of PUI and other COVID-19 forms
  • Vidado automatically sorts the forms and extracts the contents – including low-quality handwriting and checkboxes – at 98%+ accuracy
  • Vidado then exports this accurate data in .CSV format to be shared and used downstream
A challenging checkbox, short handwriting field, and date, digitized correctly by Vidado

If you are processing COVID-19 forms as a state or local government or medical professional, we are standing by to help get you set up on Vidado. We can help you pre-load form templates of the CDC’s PUI form or others and begin processing data in as little as 15 minutes. Vidado is HIPAA compliant and cloud-based to scale to any volume you need.

Reach out to us here and a Vidado team member will be in touch to help you get started.

Start processing COVID-19 forms with Vidado

Stay safe, stay healthy, and as always – happy automating.

-CJ @ Vidado


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