Case Study: Digital Mailroom and Auto-Indexing

Mailroom processing is a highly manual effort with a lot of overhead from indexing teams sorting and preparing the mail. One large insurer approached Vidado to see if we could help automate their mailroom. Vidado was able to correctly sort 98% of indexed pages and extract the data with 96% accuracy. Now Vidado’s mailroom solution runs 24 x 7 x 365  and Vidado is currently working with the customer to roll out Vidado in its other mailrooms. Download the case study below to learn:

  • Key challenges to mailroom automation. Several software companies offer mailroom automation but all of them require teams of indexers to route the mail. See how Vidado was able to index and sort 5,000 pages of mail per hour without an army of human workers.
  • How Vidado’s AI made automation possible. Learn how Vidado was able to automate tasks traditionally assigned to human workers and how it worked in tandem with the customer’s existing mailroom staff, freeing them up to perform more high-value tasks.
  • Key metrics for success. The success criteria for the project was 90% accuracy in sorting and 90% accuracy in data digitization. Learn how Vidado was able to achieve 98% and 96% respectively and how your organization can see similar results.

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