Automated Processing for COVID-19 Forms

Form processing should be the last thing getting in the way of saving lives. Vidado is helping governments and healthcare systems process the forms that accompany COVID-19 testing, so you can focus your resources on what matters most.

  • Free for healthcare providers, governments and other responders during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Handwriting, low-DPI scans, faxes and more
  • Better-than-human results
  • Help with setting up form templates

Extract Data from Paper PUI and CR Forms

Vidado’s AI can extract data (including handwriting and checkboxes) from all COVID-19 testing forms. This includes CDC Person Under Investigation and Case Report forms as well as state and local government forms. 

• Over 1000x faster than humans

• Contains 100,000+ deep learning models

• Trained with 1 billion+ human-verified data points

• Knows which fields to extract on any form, and automatically sorts and digitizes contents

• Can extract handwritten data, printed text, checkboxes and signatures from COVID-19 forms


• Cloud-based and scalable for any volume

100% of the work. 

20% of the effort.

With great power comes less responsibility. Vidado’s results have helped clients in insurance, financial services, healthcare (yes, we’re HIPAA-compliant) and government accomplish more with existing resources. Here are the actual numbers to prove it.

  • 42% increase in straight-through automation 

  • 93% decrease in processing time 

  • 80% decrease in manual data entry 

  • 70% decrease in manual exception handling 

  • 50% decrease in operational costs 

“Vidado makes the decision to implement automation a no-brainer by relieving enterprises of the burden of manual workflows. Intelligent automation is now within everyone’s grasp.

— David Jones, Head of Intelligent automation at Accenture

Accuracy we can back up.

How accurate is Vidado? The short answer – way more accurate than anything you’ve got going on right now. The long answer - accuracy is a misleading metric in our industry. It’s too broad. To compensate for this, providers typically average their numbers in a favorable way until they get the percentage they want. The short of it is that across all of our extensive annual customer data-quality analysis (DQA) we see 97%+ accuracy, and most likely you will too. 

Here’s the more transparent version.

  • Data indexing: 96%+

  • Date fields: 99.99%+

  • Death certificates: 93%+

  • Life insurance policies: 97%+

  • Page sorting: 98%+

“Vidado allows us to upload scans of reports received via mail, fax or .pdf and get back structured, machine-readable data that is remarkably accurate, even for free-form handwriting.

— Taha A. Kass-Hout, Chief Health Informatics Officer at U.S. FDA





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