Vidado is the only enterprise-grade solution for digitizing and enriching data of the quality at the scale and speed modern business demands.

Vidado is a 4-part AI platform designed to help enterprise businesses extract and digitize otherwise-inaccessible data.  Combined with the largest human-verified dataset in the industry, Vidado delivers automation-ready data in less time and at greater accuracy than ever before.

Step 1: Vision

Vision is the first step in turning faxes, scans and email attachments of varying quality into automation-ready data. Vision automatically sorts all incoming documents against templates and prepares them for extraction in the Read step.


Step 2: Read

Read is where your forms get digitized. Read captures both machine print and handwriting better than both OCR and humans and is even able to extract clean data from otherwise inaccessible sources, like low-DPI scans and messy doctor’s handwriting.


Step 3: Review

Review is an intuitive exception-handling interface for data verification and repair. You can set custom thresholds to apply the highest scrutiny to the most important data while passing more low-importance data through without human intervention.


Step 4: Transform

Transform allows you to enrich and validate your data against 1st and 3rd-party sources and normalize your data for output through our easy-to-use API.


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