AI that can read better than a human

Read is where your documents become digital. Thanks to the industry’s largest proprietary dataset, SS&C Chorus Document Automation is able to process text that other services can’t even guess at – from machine print to handwriting to low-resolution scan and faxes. Simply put, this means more of your data gets digitized the first time around without needing human input, increasing straight-through processing, improving turnaround-time and reducing your costs to access data.

Greater straight-through processing

Confidently process more fields using automation thanks to SS&C Chorus Document Automation’s unparalleled accuracy. Reduce the amount of exception handling and the number of dark workflows needed to process your data.  

Enterprise-grade processing

Vidado was built for enterprise businesses. Read can dynamically scale to as much throughput as you need, allowing you to increase your automation efforts at the speed of your business without the cumbersome upgrade process of an on-premise solution.  

Processes what others don’t

Read is a product of the largest proprietary machine learning dataset in this industry. While other services focus on automating the ideal, we support documents as they exist in the real world. Machine print, handwriting, cursive, pen, pencil, blue ink, black ink, low-DPI, multiple scans. There’s nothing we can’t handle.

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