Support 100% of your throughput with 20% of the overhead

Review turns your data entry staff into data validators. The key is custom thresholds. High-importance information like claim amounts can have higher thresholds so that they are more likely to be flagged for review. Conversely, if you have information that will later be validated you can set the threshold low to process more information automatically. It’s up to you.

Reduce your data entry costs by up to 80%

Rote, highly-detailed, repeated tasks are as well-suited for machines as they are bad for humans. Focus your workforce on reviewing and validating the most important pieces of information while automating the rest. 

User-set thresholds

Determine which data requires the most scrutiny and allocate your workforce where it’s needed most through custom thresholds. Key information gets reviewed more often and less-vital information gets passed through with lower labor costs. It’s a win-win.

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