Transform what’s written on the page into what’s supposed to be

Transform is where your data becomes-automation-ready. Through SS&C Chorus Document Automation’s extensible plug-in architecture you’re able to easily connect with 1st and 3rd party sources to validate and enrich your data before importing it into your system, ensuring you get the underlying data, not just what’s written on the page.

Data validation

Using SS&C Chorus Document Automation’s extensible plug-in architecture, you can validate the data you’ve captured against 1st and 3rd party sources. For example, if you receive addresses that you use for direct mail campaigns or shipping, Transform can automatically validate these addresses before outputting them to your database. The result? Fewer undeliverables, return-to-senders, and missing packages – improving customer satisfaction and your bottom line. 

Data enrichment

Through the same extensible plug-in architecture, SS&C Chorus Document Automation is able to enrich data. Did the address field on the form get cut off? Simply use the data you did capture and use an external service to match against an address. It’s that easy.

Data normalization

Use Transform to automatically normalize date formats, phone numbers, naming conventions and more. While other services struggle to capture the data that’s on the page, SS&C Chorus Document Automation is powerful enough to get you the data that should have been on the page.

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