See the data within the document through x-ray vision

Vision is where it all begins. When you use Vidado, you submit blank copies of each form you’d like to digitize. Vidado then builds a unique fingerprint for each form and uses computer vision to match each completed version of the same form you submit, enabling Vidado to not only find the correct field every time, but to rotate, de-skew and even repair missing field data. This means that when it’s time to extract the data, Vidado’s AI is working with the best possible information.

Less time spent preparing intake

With other services you need to spend time categorizing and organizing your files. With Vidado, you can submit your files no matter their level of organization and Vidado will sort them and match them to templates. 

Better form identification

Many services identify forms using the form title or form ID, information that is usually on the top of bottom of a page and is frequently cut off due to hasty scans or unintended cropping. Vision uses computer vision to match each form to a pre-created fingerprint, meaning that forms can be identified accurately even when information is missing or corrupted.

Data-dictionary driven

At Vidado, we realize that the value is in the data, not necessarily what’s on the page. Vision leverages a data dictionary that spans across documents. This means that rules you apply to your preferred format for intake work across all documents, giving you a standardized output for your systems.

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