Vidado Announces Immediate Availability of Data Conversion Solution, Transform

Vidado Announces Immediate Availability of Data Conversion Solution, Transform

Extensible plug-in architecture for validating digitized data against 1st and 3rd-party sources

Oakland, California – July 31, 2019 – Vidado, a provider of intelligent automation (IA) solutions to the insurance, financial services, and pharmaceutical industries, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the company’s data validation and enrichment solution, Vidado Transform (Transform).

Working with other components, including Vidado Vision, Vidado Read, and Vidado Review, in the larger Vidado solution portfolio, Transform is the last step in turning static data into automation-ready data. By validating and enriching the data, Transform produces better, more accurate output fully prepared for intake by an insurance company’s existing automation systems and enables a superior work environment.

“Transform uses stringent validation algorithms to prevent erroneous data from entering the work environment, saving countless exception handling hours,” said Nowell Outlaw, CEO of Vidado. “By ensuring data accuracy and enriching it from other sources, Vidado clients are constantly working with the best data possible. No matter if you’re preparing the data for automation or simply saving it in your database, data that’s been through the Transform step will save you time and overhead. It gets you the data that should have been submitted in the first place, not just what’s written on the page.”

Utilizing a robust, open API layer, all of Vidado’s solutions can be easily integrated into existing IT environments and provide an almost immediate return on investment (ROI). Transform utilizes this extensible plug-in architecture to seamlessly connect with other sources of data, even to the point of linking to outside databases to fill in missing information. Additionally, the company’s cloud-native, product platform allows for rapid implementations and speed-to-market and has been implemented successfully in more than 100 live customer environments.

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Vidado’s cloud-based, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven, intelligent automation platform identifies, digitizes, validates, and enriches data better than OCR technologies or humans, unlocking new ways for insurance, financial services, and pharmaceutical enterprises to operationalize traditional workflows for increased straight-through processing (STP), streamlined workflows, and increased productivity at lower costs.

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