Automated Processing for SBA PPP Forms

Vidado is helping banks and credit unions keep small businesses afloat by rapidly processing loan applications related to the Small Business Association Paycheck Protection Program.

  • FREE to get started for banks, credit unions and any other SBA-approved lender
  • Handwriting, low-DPI scans, faxes and more
  • Better-than-human results
  • Vidado will do the setup so you just need to upload your forms to quickly get your data

Extract Data from PPP Applications

Vidado’s AI can extract data (including handwriting and checkboxes) from SBA PPP applications with better-than-human speed and accuracy. This dramatically expedites loan disbursement for small businesses. 

• Over 1000x faster than humans

• Contains 100,000+ deep learning models

• Trained with 1 billion+ human-verified data points

• Knows which fields to extract on any form, and automatically sorts and digitizes contents

• Can extract handwritten data, printed text, checkboxes and signatures from PPP forms

• Cloud-based and scalable for any volume

100% of the work. 

20% of the effort.

With great power comes less responsibility. Vidado’s results have helped clients in insurance, financial services, healthcare (yes, we’re HIPAA-compliant) and government accomplish more with existing resources. Here are the actual numbers to prove it.

  • 42% increase in straight-through automation 

  • 93% decrease in processing time 

  • 80% decrease in manual data entry 

  • 70% decrease in manual exception handling 

  • 50% decrease in operational costs 

“Vidado makes the decision to implement automation a no-brainer by relieving enterprises of the burden of manual workflows. Intelligent automation is now within everyone’s grasp.

— David Jones, Head of Intelligent automation at Accenture

Accuracy we can back up.

How accurate is Vidado? The short answer – way more accurate than anything you’ve got going on right now. The long answer - accuracy is a misleading metric in our industry. It’s too broad. To compensate for this, providers typically average their numbers in a favorable way until they get the percentage they want. The short of it is that across all of our extensive annual customer data-quality analysis (DQA) we see 97%+ accuracy, and most likely you will too. 

Here’s the more transparent version.

  • Data indexing: 96%+

  • Date fields: 99.99%+

  • Death certificates: 93%+

  • Life insurance policies: 97%+

  • Page sorting: 98%+

“Vidado allows us to upload scans of reports received via mail, fax or .pdf and get back structured, machine-readable data that is remarkably accurate, even for free-form handwriting.

— Taha A. Kass-Hout, Chief Health Informatics Officer at U.S. FDA





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