SS&C Chorus Document Automation is the bridge toward complete digital automation. Improve the customer experience by reducing cycle times all while dramatically reducing operational costs.

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Financial Services

SS&C Chorus Document Automation allows you to reimagine automation. Transform back-office workflows with faster processing of manual workflows, streamline fund management allocation, and improve fraud detection by unlocking data from paper.

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SS&C Chorus Document Automation takes the work out of paperwork. Accelerate digital transformation by automating manual processes and digitizing paper workflows, all while strengthening data privacy and security.

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SS&C Chorus Document Automation was tailor-made for regulated industries. Optimize complex payer-provider workflows and improve patient outcomes by enabling faster operational processes and improving data accuracy.

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Enable Analytics

Build proprietary datasets from rich historical archives to enable analytics to drive growth and enhance risk capabilities.

Reduce Costs

Eliminate manual data entry, cut reliance on seasonal workers, and increase straight-through processing of manual workflows.

Innovate for Efficiency

Enable robotic process automation, transform manual workflows without having to rip or replace current systems, and reimagine data automation.

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