Try out Vidado for yourself

Click “Select Image” to choose a text snippet from Vidado’s library, or upload your own by clicking “Upload Image.” Make sure you pick a tough one, we love a challenge.

  • Image formats: Accepted image formats are jpeg, jpg, gif, png
  • Image size restrictions: Image size (width * height) limit: 100,000 pixels
  • Character limit: The max number of characters extracted from the supplied image is 1024 characters

Want to learn more?

Click below to be taken to our demo request page. Fill out the form and a Vidado team member will be in touch shortly to show how you can easily integrate Vidado into your existing workflows.

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Want to try the API?

The Vidado READ open API allows any developer to send text snippets directly to Vidado. Click the button below to request a key and start sending API calls for free.

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