As the independent regulatory agency charged with administering and enforcing the federal campaign finance law, the FEC oversees the financing for all political campaigns. Their nonpartisan role in the maintenance of fair elections is critical and the commission is tasked with disclosing campaign finance information in a timely way. Depending on the filing deadline, the FEC faces an onslaught of paper forms that must be digitized and entered into their system, receiving up to 20,000 pages each day.


Even with a conservative estimate of a million pages that much be digitized every year, the FEC has significantly compressed the time it takes to digitize critical funding data with the help of Vidado. More than that, Vidado’s solution enables the FEC to easily scale to meet the ups and down of annual elections and Vidado’s 100% HIPAA compliant, which ensures that government security and privacy protocols are met and all data remains secure.