Vidado for Innovation Groups

Vidado for Innovation Groups

Improve Automation with the Most Accurate Document Digitization

Adding Vidado to the front of your automation tech stack to process handwriting, faxes, and low-DPI scans leads to greater accuracy and more straight-through processing for significant improvements in automation efficiency

Until now, document digitization has been a choice between the fast but inaccurate OCR or  the slow but accurate human data entry. With Vidado, we use AI to combine the best of both worlds and deliver fully-automated digitization with better-than-human accuracy. The secret is our dataset of over 1 billion human-verified fields, the largest in the industry. We’ve fed every smudged prescription, every quadruple-faxed claims form and every low-DPI scanned handwritten application we could find through our machine learning algorithms.

The result? A document digitization solution that can actually process real-world data, not just the perfect stuff. Vidado is the easy choice for automation, innovation, and RPA teams looking for a significant and immediate efficiency increase with minimal IT or hardware costs.



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