White Paper: AI Data Automation

With Vidado’s new AI READ engine, the dream of straight-through processing from manual inputs is now a reality. Read the white paper and learn about:

  • Current industry trends in automation. Even with greater investments in innovation, the digital divide remains a reality. Learn about what’s holding back automation in the industry.
  • The technology behind Vidado’s AI. With over one billion fields processed, Vidado’s AI engine is trained on the largest handwriting depository in the world and the distillation of over 35 lifetimes of reading experience. So, what did it take to develop this latest AI engine?
  • AI’s impact on MetLife. Whether it is increasing straight-through processing or drastically reducing operational costs, Vidado’s AI engine is the most effective path to automation. See how AI is saving time, money, and even making a difference.
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Vidado’s new AI-powered READ engine makes the decision to implement automation a no-brainer by relieving enterprises of the burden of manual workflows. Intelligent automation is now within everyone’s grasp.David Jones, Head of Intelligent Automation, Accenture

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